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How the license works

This document will describe the principles of licensing software products of PUQ sp. z o.o.

Description of basic concepts

The team of PUQ sp. z o.o. has extensive experience in the IT business. Because of this, all software that We provide has a price that modestly rewards us for our work.

By purchasing a software product produced by our specialists, you make a huge contribution to the development of new software products and the improvement of current software products.

We don't want you to regret the money you spend on products you don't know. Therefore, we provide a 7-day grace period for each product. During these 7 days you can use the software completely and without any restrictions and decide for yourself how much you need this product.

All our products are publicly available for download and can be accessed by clicking on the link below.


You can download any of our software products and use them without purchasing a license, but the software product will have restrictions that will not allow you to fully use the product without valid license.

We provide two licensing plans that differ in license duration.

  1. The first 1 month from the date of order. Please note that there is a 7-day grace period for this month.
  2. Second 1 year from date of order. Please note that there is a 7-day grace period for this month.

Take into account the fact that the price for a license for 1 month and 1 year differs in favor of 1 annual license for some software products, 1 annual license can be 2 times more profitable than 12 1-month licenses.

Please use the product links below to view all products.


If you wish, you can participate in the development of your projects in a variety of ways.

You can help with translations, Translation service is available for everyone and it is located at:


You can also report problems or help other users on the forum, or suggest new functionalities within existing modules or even entire modules

All this we are happy to discuss on our forum. We invite you there.



7-day grace period for free.

To use the software within 7 days, you need to go through the ordering procedure but do not pay the proforma.
After placing an order, the license will be automatically generated and will work for 7 days even if it is not paid.
After the end of the grace period of 7 days, you have the choice to pay for the license and continue to use the license, or not to pay and not use the license.

WHMCS Module License Concept

By purchasing a software product such as a module for the WHMCS system, you receive a license key.


Key validity period

The validity period of the key depends on the specific package that you have purchased. And it can be 1 month or 1 year from the moment the order is placed.

License validation

Our software products check the license validity period online once a day if the license is active. But if the license is not active, then the check occurs much more often.

To verify a license, you need uninterrupted, stable access to licensed verification servers.
Our servers are located under the addresses HTTPS protocol on port 443

What the license covers

The license key is registered to the IP address and domain name of your WHMCS server.
And this applies to all products and all product servers that are on your WHMCS server with the purchased module.


License Renewal

Our system will automatically monitor the validity of the license and, if it is close to expiration, will send you Proforma Invoices for the next period. Once these invoices have been paid, the license you purchased will be renewed.


What are the restrictions in software products if the license is not active or it does not exist.

We are loyal to our customers and if the license was not renewed for some reason, we do not suspend the software, but we introduce very important restrictions.

All other functions of the module will work correctly and will not cause problems for you and your clients.


How to buy a product license.

We sell license keys for our software products on our website.


To be able to make a purchase, you must register and provide all the necessary data, paying attention to providing the correct data that corresponds in reality. We fully trust our clients and do not check the correctness of your entered data. However, we reserve the right to moderate data if necessary. We are also a law-abiding company and if your actions on our platform conflict with the laws of POLAND, we will be forced to take compulsory measures to limit violations.






After successful registration, you can order the software product.



After placing an order, our system generates a license key for the products you have chosen and sends it by e-mail.

Shortly after ordering, you have the option to take full advantage of the product, even if you have not yet paid. You have 7 days to make the payment.
During this time, you can safely test the product and decide
if its functionalities suit you.

After the 7-day period, in the absence of payment, we will block the license and you will not be able to use this license without payment. A deactivated license also results in product operating limitations, which was mentioned at the beginning of the document.


License Management

In your personal customer account You have the ability to manage your license for the software product.


The following information is provided on the license subpage:


License IP and License domain - They are filled in automatically when the software product first checks the validity of the license key. And these parameters affect further checks. 

Re-registration due to IP domain/server change

If for some reason you need to re-register your license key, for example, the IP address or domain name of your server has changed. You need to click on the Clear registration data button