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Mikrotik WireGuard Business-VPN WISECP module

The module is created to empower IT companies to enrich their service offerings through the provision of paid WireGuard VPN accounts. Once installed, the module takes care of the entire process of creating, modifying, and suspending WireGuard VPN accounts. It seamlessly integrates with the WISECP billing system, streamlining the exchange of crucial data for customer settlements, account activations, and service suspensions. In essence, the service is tailored for business clients who have the capability to manage their VPN accounts.


Mikrotik WireGuard Business-VPN module WISECP 

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The MikroTik WireGuard Business-VPN module is designed to offer a customizable Virtual Private Network service for business clients who possess the capability to independently manage their VPN accounts.

At its core, the module provides the end customer with a group of VPN account entries that the client can control. This includes the ability to add, remove, block, and perform port forwarding on these accounts. All accounts are situated within a unified network and share a common external IP address. Moreover, there is a feature that allows internal traffic to be routed among these accounts.

This innovative system empowers the end client to establish corporate private networks for their own customers. With the flexibility to manage VPN accounts and the added functionality of internal traffic forwarding, businesses can tailor their VPN service to meet the specific needs of their clientele.

WISECP: v3.1.5+, php: v8.x, Ioncube: V12+
MikroTik: v7+

Supports protocols:
Module Functions:
Available options in the admin panel:
Available options in the client panel:
Screenshot of the client area






Screenshot of the Admin area







Mikrotik WireGuard Business-VPN module WISECP 

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v1.1 Released 15-02-2024

 - Fixed a bug with some cases where it was not possible to delete the server
 - Improved security

v1.0 Released 06-12-2023

First version

Installation and configuration guide

Installation and configuration guide

Setup (install/update)

Mikrotik WireGuard Business-VPN module WISECP 

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To install and update a module, you must perform one and the same action.

1. Download the latest version of the module.
wget https://download.puqcloud.com/WISECP/Product/PUQ_WISECP-Mikrotik-WireGuard-Business-VPN/PUQ_WISECP-Mikrotik-WireGuard-Business-VPN-latest.zip

All versions are available: https://download.puqcloud.com/WISECP/Product/PUQ_WISECP-Mikrotik-WireGuard-Business-VPN/

2. Unzip the archive with the module.
unzip PUQ_WISECP-Mikrotik-WireGuard-VPN-latest.zip
3. Copy and Replace "puqMikrotikWireGuardBusinessVPN" from "PUQ_WISECP-Mikrotik-WireGuard-Business-VPN" to "WISECP_WEB_DIR/coremio/modules/Product/"
Installation and configuration guide

License Activation

Mikrotik WireGuard Business-VPN module WISECP 

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1. Log in to the administrative area of your WISECP.

2. Go to module configuration.
Services -> Service Management -> Module Settings -> Other -> All Modules -> PUQ Mikrotik WireGuard Business-VPN