PUQ Mautic

Service configuration

WireGuard VPN module WISECP 

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If you do not have a Service Group where you want to place the new service, you need to create a new Service Group

1. Log in to the administrative area of your WISECP.
2. Create New Service Group

Go to

Services -> Service Management -> Add Group


Enter all the necessary data and click the 'Create Group' button.

3. Adding a New Service

Go to

Services -> our service group where you need to add the new service.


In the opened window, click the 'Create New Service' button.


On the opened page, enter all the necessary details for your new service and navigate to the 'Core' tab.

Select the 'PUQ WireGuard VPN' module from the drop-down list of modules.


4. Fill in the configuration options according to your preferences.

The WireGuard Server field is updated only after saving or adding the service.
You will need to revisit this section to select the WireGuard Server and save the service.
Additionally, the WireGuard Server must be created on all servers within the group.



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