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Administracja Prywatnym serwerem webowym

Instrukcje dotyczące zarządzaniem Prywatnym serwer webowym

EN WHMCS CF manual


Instrukcje usługi Hosting

How the license works

This document will describe the principles of licensing software products of PUQ sp. z o.o.



Jak korzystać z panelu klienta PUQ?

Mikrotik VPN WHMCS module

The module is intended as an opportunity for IT companies to expand their offer for customers by offering paid VPN accounts. Af...

MinIO S3 WHMCS module

The module allows the company to offer its customers the possibility of managing data storage compatible with S3 object storage...

Nextcloud WHMCS module

The module is used to create customer accounts on the previously prepared Nextcloud server. Thanks to the module, the company...

PL instrukcja WHMCS CF

ProxmoxKVM WHMCS module

The module allows your customers to provision and manage KVM machines on Proxmox panel with WHMCS system.

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Prywatna chmura plików

Prywatny serwer pocztowy

Instrukcje usługi Prywatny serwer pocztowy

Publiczna Chmura

Support by Time WHMCS module

The module allows you to charge your customers with subscription fees for the support provided to them. The module allows you ...

Synology WHMCS module

The module gives the company the ability to offer user accounts on Synology devices. Users can have multiple accounts. Accounts...

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