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PUQ Customization WHMCS Addon

The module makes it possible to extend the standard functionality of the WHMCS system with custom functions presented in the module.


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 Order now | Download | FAQ v1.3.1 Released 16-10-2023 Supported WHMCS v8.8.0 Translations a...

Installation/Update and configuration guide

 Order now | Dowload | FAQ   To install and update a module, you must perform one and the same ...

License PUQ Customization WHMCS module

 Order now | Dowload | FAQ Introduction To start using the PUQ Customization module, you do not...

Module Home Page

 Order now | Dowload | FAQ To access the module settings you must log in to the administrator ar...

Module puqProxmoxKVM

PUQ ProxmoxKVM module management extension

Menu Manager

Allows you to create a custom menus.

Pages Manager

Allows you to create a custom pages.

Account Statement

Auto CC Management

The Auto CC Management extension empowers customers with the ability to conveniently enable or di...

Cancel Fund Invoices

The Cancel Fund Invoices extension, included in the PUQ Customization module, is designed to canc...

Client Data Archive

Designed to save client data and IP access information, and it also includes a search function. S...

Clients Only Access

The extension closes access to the entire portal for non-login in users. By redirecting to the lo...

Credit Management

Allows the customer to manage automatic apply credit.

Head/Footer Output

Return HTML to be output within the HEAD/before the closing BODY tags of the page output.

Overwrite Suspend/Termination

The extension allows you to set a date for Suspend and Termination the service.

Prorated Next Due Date

Allows you to synchronize the date of the next payment for all customer services. Also from the c...

Service Data Archive

This functionality is designed to save all changes in the service configuration.

Show Services IP, Username

Shows the IP address / Username of the services in the invoice and in the lists of services in th...

Support Hours Widget

Support hours widget in the top of the sidebar on the submit ticket page.

Suspend After

Allows you to set the date and time after which you want to Suspend the client service.

Blocking Ticket For Guests

PUQ Customization WHMCS Addon extension blocking ticket submission from unauthenticated users.

Disabler of standard elements

"Disabler of Standard Elements" is an extension for the WHMCS system, enabling precise control ov...

Maintenance mode

Restricts user access to the site during maintenance.

GDPR Tools

Assists with achieving GDPR compliance for your website.

Fraud Check

Overwrite Tax Rules

Admin Panel Unique

Customization of the admin panel, changing colors, logo and more.

Manual Cron Run

Manual Cron Run extension provides users with the ability to manually execute cron jobs.