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PUQ Customization module WHMCS

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On the "Home Companies" page, you have the option to add home companies that will be involved in your document management with clients. Please note that at least one home company must be configured.

The following options are available for configuration:

  1. Company Name: Enter the name of the company.

  2. Default: One of the home companies must be designated as the default. It will be assigned to clients who do not match any tax rules.

  3. Country: Select the country where the company is registered.

  4. Your Tax ID/VAT Number: Enter the tax identification or VAT number if applicable.

  5. Tax Name: Specify the tax name in the native language of the company.

  6. Tax Rate: Set the applicable tax rate for this company.

  7. Numbering: Configure the numbering format for invoices and proformas. You can use tags such as {YEAR}, {MONTH}, {DAY}, and {NUMBER}. Additionally, you can enable auto-reset of numbering on an annual or monthly basis.

  8. Pay to Text: Enter the text that will be displayed on the invoice as the payment recipient.

These configuration options allow you to define and customize the home companies that will be involved in your invoicing process.