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The "Manual Cron Run" extension is a powerful tool that offers users the flexibility to manually execute various cron jobs. With this extension, you can take control of your website's scheduled tasks and ensure they run exactly when needed. Here are the key features of the "Manual Cron Run" extension:

  1. Manual Execution of Daily Cron: With this feature, you can easily initiate the execution of the Daily Cron job at any time you desire.
  2. On-Demand System Cron Execution: The extension allows you to run the System Cron job on-demand. By manually triggering this essential task, you can ensure that critical system-level processes and maintenance tasks are executed promptly and efficiently.
  3. Run Specific Cron Jobs from the Table: The "Manual Cron Run" extension offers a comprehensive list of cron jobs, presented in a convenient table format. From this list, you can handpick specific cron jobs that need immediate attention and execute them individually.

By giving you the power to manually run cron jobs, the "Manual Cron Run" extension provides unparalleled control over your website's backend processes. You no longer have to wait for the scheduled cron execution, as you can initiate these tasks at your convenience.

It does not disrupt your regular cron setup but rather enhances it by providing additional control and management options.

Manual execution of cron jobs enables you to closely monitor their performance and ensure that they complete successfully. If any issues arise during the execution, you can promptly address them, keeping your website running smoothly.

By enabling manual triggering of Daily Cron, System Cron, and specific cron jobs from a user-friendly interface, this "Manual Cron Run" extension becomes an indispensable tool for optimizing your WHMCS website's performance and efficiency.