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To set a date for when a service will be suspended, follow these steps:

  1. Locate the specific service for which you want to configure the suspension. This can typically be done through the service management section or client management area of your administration panel.

  2. Access the configuration settings for the chosen service. This may involve selecting the service and navigating to its details page or accessing an edit option for the service.

  3. Look for the "Suspend After" field or checkbox within the service configuration. Enable the checkbox to activate the suspension feature.

  4. Enter the desired date and time when the service should be suspended. This can usually be done by selecting a calendar date and inputting the time or by entering the date and time manually in a specific format.

  5. Provide a reason or explanation for the suspension. This helps communicate the purpose of the suspension to both the client and the support team.

  6. Save the changes to update the configuration for the service. This ensures that the specified suspension date and reason are applied.

By following these steps, you can effectively set a specific date and time for suspending a service, ensuring that it will be automatically blocked according to your configuration.