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PUQ Customization

Our PUQ Customization module is designed to customize the standard functionality of the WHMCS system. The main feature of our module is that it contains a vast array of extension functions for WHMCS, which sets it apart from similar modules offered by our competitors. Instead of having separate modules for each functional extension, our solution provides a comprehensive set of functional extensions that are regularly updated and added, all in one module. Some of these extensions are also available for free. Additionally, our module offers a convenient and intuitive interface for managing these custom additions.

We value feedback from our clients, and if there is a demand for additional functionality, we strive to release and incorporate it into our module whenever possible. Furthermore, our module serves as an engine for add-ons that can be developed and included by anyone interested, subject to prior agreement and verification. We always credit the authors of each add-on featured in our module.

We believe that our module will serve as a powerful tool for creating a multitude of add-ons, enabling WHMCS clients to comfortably configure their systems to meet their specific business needs.

Please note that our module is not just another theme or hook. It is a collection of logical extensions with customizable options, including the necessary hooks. When it comes to modifying the WHMCS frontend, we strive to develop extensions with a universal graphic design that will be displayed consistently across different themes. Additionally, our module fully supports multilingual capabilities without the need to edit language files. Everything is accessible through the extension's settings, which you can configure and utilize.

Moreover, each extension can be easily enabled or disabled for seamless usage and to prevent any conflicts with other modules from our competitors.


Our module includes a comprehensive set of features, and the following list provides a glimpse of what it offers

please note that this list is not exhaustive

Module puqProxmoxKVM

PUQ ProxmoxKVM module management extension

Overwrite Tax Rules

The extension provides the ability to rewrite tax rules and allows the creation of multiple home companies.

Fraud Check

Allows you to determine the reputation of the client at the angle of fraudulent activities, report fraudulent activities.

 Account Statement

Allows administrators and clients to view and download PDF financial statements.

Auto CC Management

Gives customers the ability to enable or disable automatic credit card payments.

Blocking ticket for guests

Prevents non-customers from opening support tickets.

Cancel Fund Invoices

Allows cancellation or deletion of invoices generated for client credit top-ups.

Client Data Archive

Saves client data and IP access information, with a search function and real-time display of online clients.

Clients Only Access

Restricts access to the entire portal for non-logged-in users, redirecting them to the login page.

Credit Management

Enables customers to manage automatic credit application.

Disabler of standard elements

Disables certain standard elements, such as navigation bars, sidebars, and panels in the client area.

GDPR Tools

Assists with achieving GDPR compliance for your website.

Head/Footer Output

Provides HTML output within the HEAD section or before the closing BODY tags of the page.

Maintenance Mode

Restricts user access to the site during maintenance.

Menu Manager

Allows the creation of custom menus.

Overwrite Suspend/Termination

Sets a specific date for service suspension or termination.

Pages Manager

Facilitates the creation of custom pages.

Prorated Next Due Date

Synchronizes the next payment date for all customer services, including from the customer's zone.

Service Data Archive

Saves all changes made to the service configuration.

Show Services IP, Username

Displays the IP address and username of services in invoices and service lists in the client area.

Support Hours Widget

Displays a support hours widget in the top of the sidebar on the submit ticket page.

Suspend After

Allows setting a specific date and time for suspending client services.

Admin Panel Unique

Customization of the admin panel, changing colors, logo and more.

Manual Cron Run

Manual Cron Run extension provides users with the ability to manually execute cron jobs.

Promo Code API

The Promo Code API extension helps with creation of promo codes from the API.

Cancellation Request

The Cancellation Request extension helps manage unpaid and canceled invoices by transitioning them to a "Cancelled" status or removing already canceled invoices, both manually and via cron jobs.

Mattermost Export

Instantly share WHMCS reports, tickets, and invoices in your Mattermost server.

Export Tools

The "ExportTool" extension for WHMCS enables seamless JSON or XML export of data from various WHMCS tables, offering customizable, secure, and efficient data management and integration capabilities.

Export VAT_R

Extension specifically designed for the Polish market! The Export VAT_R extension enables generating VAT_R reports for tax settlements from invoices within your WHMCS system.

Lang Detect

This extension automatically detects and applies the browser's preferred language and currency for WHMCS platforms, streamlining localization and improving user experience by presenting content in the visitor's native language.

Ticket Auto-Reply

The extension allows configuring messages to be sent to clients automatically in response to their inquiries.

Currency Exchange

Allows you to synchronize currencies with the selected bank API.

Please note that this is just a glimpse of the extensive range of features and functionality provided by our module.