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v1.3 Released 24-07-2023
  1. Add extension "Admin Panel Unique" (Customization of the admin panel)
  2. Module "puqProxmoxKVM" (1.1)
    • Add DNS Zones (cloudflare.com,  HesiaCP)
  3. Change in "Page Manager" (v1.1.1)
    • Added "Page Back Ground" widget
    • Added "Promo Slider" widget
    • "Mini Menu" is in a healthy template
    • "Mini Menu" added opening in a new tab,
    • "Mini Menu" added puq-bottom template
    • "Mini Menu" widget is added the ability to add a link to the www page
  4. Change in "Client Data Archive" (v1.1)
    • fixed a bug in php8.x that sometimes showed a critical error in the client area
    • added RAW data view function
    • View all button added to search
  5. Fix in "Fraud Check" (1.0.1)
    • a sanitizer has been added to js that removes unnecessary characters that generated an error in script execution

v1.2 Released 11-07-2023
  1. Change in "Page Manager" (v1.1.1)
    • Added to tinymce editor <style> tag permission
  2. Change in "OverwriteTaxRules" (v1.1)
  3. Add "ModulePuqProxmoxKVM" (PUQ ProxmoxKVM module management extension)
  4. Change in "ProratedNextDueDate" (v1.0.1)
    • Excluded from propata are those who are in line for terminated
    • Fixed a bug with duplicate service data on the invoice.
  5. Change in "Show Services Ip Username" (v1.1)
    • If the IP is empty or then we take the first one with assigned ips

v1.1.1 Released 29-06-2023
  1. Change in "Page Manager" (v1.1)
    • Added "Mini Menu" widget
    • Added functionality for cloning widgets
    • Added a button in the client area for the admin 'Edit in PUQ Customization'
    • Added floating button to save pages
    • Added copying of translations among themselves
  2. Fixed a bug with language in the "GDPR Tools" extension 
  3. Fixed a bug in the "Maintenance Mode" extension 

v1.1 Released 21-06-2023
  1.  Added extension "Fraud Check"
  2. Added extension "Overwrite Tax Rules"
  3. Adapted the "Account Statement" extension regarding the "Overwrite Tax Rules" extension
  4. Fixed a bug in the "Maintenance Mode" extension regarding the date format.
  5. Added to the "Service Data Archive" extension raw data view in archive data search

v1.0 Released 31-05-2023

First version