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PUQ Customization module WHMCS

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The 'Promo Code API' extension revolutionizes the creation of promo codes by offering advanced API configurations tailored to your needs. This extension includes:

  1. Promo Code Template Creation: Effortlessly craft custom promo code templates perfectly suited to your promotional strategies. These templates serve as the foundation for generating promo codes using the API.
  2. URL Generation for cURL Requests: Upon creating a promo code set, the extension generates a unique URL. By making a simple cURL request to this link you receive an automated response containing the generated promo code within your WHMCS platform.
  3. Integration with Other Services: The extension allows seamless integration of the promo code creation process into your WHMCS system from external services using straightforward cURL requests. Now, you can easily generate promo codes within your WHMCS system from external sources with specifically cURL requests, streamlining the entire process for utmost convenience and speed.

The 'Promo Code API' extension streamlines the promo code generation process, empowering seamless integration with external systems. Generate promo codes effortlessly within your WHMCS system from external sources, facilitating a swift and efficient workflow.