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Product Configuration

Jellyfin Family module WHMCS 

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Create a new Products/Services
System Settings->Products/Services->Create a New Product

In the Module settings section, select the "PUQ Jellyfin Family" module


  • License key: A pre-purchased license key for the "PUQ Jellyfin Family" module. For the module to work correctly, the key must be active
  • Count of media accounts: Available number of media accounts for creation by user.
  • Use All Libraries: Choosing all of libraries from your Jellyfin server
  • Libraries: The libraries you want to make available to customers of this product.
      (IMPORTANT! Start a new line for each new library)
    Beginner`s Programming Course
    If you have a folder named "-", please enter it not as the first one or rename it.
    If you don't want any folder to be accessible, type "-".
User Configuration:
  • Streaming bitrate limit: An optional per-stream bitrate limit for all out of network devices. This is useful to prevent devices from requesting a higher bitrate than your internet connection can handle. This may result in increased CPU load on your server in order to transcode videos on the fly to a lower bitrate.
  • SyncPlay access: The SyncPlay feature enables to sync playback with other devices. Select the level of access this user has to the SyncPlay
  • Remote control: Remote control of shared devices (DLNA devices are considered shared until a user begins controlling them)
  • Media downloads: Users can download media and store it on their devices. This is not the same as a sync feature. Book libraries require this enabled to function properly.
  • User sessions: Set the maximum number of simultaneous user sessions.
    A value of 0 will disable the feature.
  • Failed login attempts: Determine how many incorrect login tries can be made before lockout occurs.
    A value of zero means inheriting the default of three tries for normal users and five for administrators. Setting this to -1 will disable the feature.
  • Username prefix/Username suffix: Necessary in order to generate a username for the service, in the format: prefix<client_id>-<service_id>suffix
Allow playback (Restricting access to transcoding may cause playback failures in clients due to unsupported media formats)
  • media
  • audio that requires transcoding
  • video that requires transcoding
  • video that requires conversion without re-encoding
Feature access:
  • Allow Live TV access
  • Allow Live TV recording management
  • Force transcoding of remote media sources such as Live TV