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Jellyfin module WHMCS 

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v1.4 Released 21-12-2023

Client Area Enhancements:

  1. Added the ability to disable the display of service passwords by default.
  2. Introduced a "Show" button for displaying service passwords in the Client Area.
  3. Provided options to display service passwords in plain text.

You should save the 'Module Setting' in your products for the module to function correctly.

v1.3 Released 18-12-2023
  1. Fix some bugs
  2. Fixed a bug on the client area related to displaying the session count
  3. Support Jellyfin 10.8.13

v1.2 Released 17-11-2023
  1. Fixed bug with incorrect libraries selection functionality, CRITICAL
  2. Fix some bugs in the change password feature.
  3. New "Use All Libraries" checkbox in Module Setting page.
  4. Some change in Client Area.
  5. Optimized

You should reconfigure the 'Module Setting' in your product for the module to function correctly. Additionally, it's recommended to select 'Change Package' in the customer product settings."

v1.1 Released 09-11-2023
  1. Library functionality has been modified. Now, when configuring the module, entering "-" signifies "No libraries selected," while leaving the field empty indicates "Select all libraries."
  2. Some bugs have been fixed.

v1.0 Released 03-11-2023

First version