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Product Configuration

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Create a new Products/Services
System Settings->Products/Services->Create a New Product

In the Module settings section, select the "PUQ Emby" module


  • License key: A pre-purchased license key for the "PUQ Emby" module. For the module to work correctly, the key must be active
  • Use All Libraries: Choosing all of libraries from your Jellyfin server
  • Libraries: The libraries you want to make available to customers of this product.
     (IMPORTANT! Start a new line for each new library)
    Beginner`s Programming Course
    If you have a folder named "-", please enter it not as the first one or rename it.
    If you want to select all folders together, simply leave the field EMPTY.
    If you don't want any folder to be accessible, type "-".
User Configuration:
  • Streaming bitrate limit: An optional per-stream bitrate limit for all out of network devices. This is useful to prevent devices from requesting a higher bitrate than your internet connection can handle. This may result in increased CPU load on your server in order to transcode videos on the fly to a lower bitrate.
  • Remote control: Remote control of shared devices (DLNA devices are considered shared until a user begins controlling them)
  • Media downloads: Users can download media and store it on their devices. This is not the same as a sync feature. Book libraries require this enabled to function properly.
  • Username prefix/Username suffix: Necessary in order to generate a username for the service, in the format: prefix<cliet_id>-<service_id>suffix
Allow playback (Restricting access to transcoding may cause playback failures in clients due to unsupported media formats)
  • media
  • audio that requires transcoding
  • video that requires transcoding
  • video that requires conversion without re-encoding
Feature access:
  • Allow Live TV access
  • Allow Live TV recording management
  • Force transcoding of remote media sources such as Live TV