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WHMCS Module License Concept

By purchasing a software product such as a module for the WHMCS system, you receive a license key.


Key validity period

The validity period of the key depends on the specific package that you have purchased. And it can be 1 month or 1 year from the moment the order is placed.

License validation

Our software products check the license validity period online once a day if the license is active. But if the license is not active, then the check occurs much more often.

To verify a license, you need uninterrupted, stable access to licensed verification servers.
Our servers are located under the addresses HTTPS protocol on port 443

What the license covers

The license key is registered to the IP address and domain name of your WHMCS server.
And this applies to all products and all product servers that are on your WHMCS server with the purchased module.


License Renewal

Our system will automatically monitor the validity of the license and, if it is close to expiration, will send you Proforma Invoices for the next period. Once these invoices have been paid, the license you purchased will be renewed.


What are the restrictions in software products if the license is not active or it does not exist.

We are loyal to our customers and if the license was not renewed for some reason, we do not suspend the software, but we introduce very important restrictions.

  • The module will stop creating new services, accounts
  • The module will stop automatically suspending services
  • The module will stop automatically unspend suspended services
  • The module will stop terminate services automatically
  • The module will stop change package services automatically

All other functions of the module will work correctly and will not cause problems for you and your clients.