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3. Add server (PUQVPNCP) in WHMCS

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Add a new server to the system WHMCS.

Login to Your WHMCS panel and create new server in WHMCS (System Settings->Products/Services->Servers)


System Settings->Servers->Add New Server
  • Enter the correct Name and Hostname

Name is just for Your convenience and You can put there anything You like ie: Mygreat PUQVPNCP routr

You can choose whatever hostname You want. Valid entries look similar to: vpn.mydomain.com, ourgreatvpn.mydomain.net. You can also dedicate whole domain ie: myVPNservices.com if You like. The important  thing is to resolve the choosen IP address of the PUQVPNCP in DNS server for Your domain.

  • In the "Assigned IP Addresses field", enter a list of IP addresses that will be issued to users.


Enter the correct data in the Access Hash field

  • In the Server Details section, select the "PUQ WireGuard Business-VPN" module and enter the correct API Access Hash.
  • To check, click the "Test connection" button