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Add server (PUQVPNCP) in WISECP

WireGuard VPN module WISECP 

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1. Log in to the administrative area of your WISECP.

2. Go to module configuration.
Services -> Service Management -> Module Settings -> Other -> All Modules -> PUQ WireGuard VPN






3. In the opened page, click the 'Add Server' button.


4. On the opened page, enter all the necessary information:
  • Name: Displayed name of the server.
  • Maximum Number of Accounts: The number of services that can be on this server.
  • Server Group: Optionally, choose the server group.
  • IP Address or Domain: The address of the PUQVPNCP server you are connecting to.
  • Access Hash: API key that you created in the previous step on the PUQVPNCP server.
  • Check the SSL box if you want to use SSL-encrypted connection. If necessary, specify the port and perform a connection test.