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At this stage, the module does not include a standalone installer.

The installation consists in uploading the module files to the appropriate addons directory in the WHMCS installation and then activating the plug-in.

Installation requires basic knowledge. If you are a WHMCS user and you do not have access to the server where WHMCS is installed, you will not be able to install the module.

Access to the server terminal with WHMCS installation or the ability to upload files via FTP is required.

Attention!!! We remind you - for the correct operation of the module you need a WebDAV server / account from NextCloud. Failure to do so makes it impossible to use the system.

PDF files are stored on the NextCloud server and cataloged by type and date of the document (date entered in the document, example: date of invoice receipt)

To install the module, copy the module folder to the WHMCS "modules/addons" folder.

git clone https://github.com/PUQ-sp-z-o-o/puq_commitments_forecaster.git
cp -r puq_commitments_forecaster WHMCS_DIR/modules/addons


wget https://cf.puq.info/whmcs-module/puq_cf_WHMCS-latest.tar.gz
tar -xzvf puq_cf_WHMCS-latest.tar.gz
cp -r puq_commitments_forecaster WHMCS_DIR/modules/addons/