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ProxmoxKVM module WHMCS

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Basic information on client panel page

The end customer, after logging in to his own customer panel, has access to the following information and options:

  • Status and used resources of the virtual machine in real time (with a 5-second automatic data refresh).
  • The keys with the following functions are available.
    • Start and stop the virtual machine
    • Connect to the virtual machine terminal using the noVNS WEB client.
    • Charts - switch to real-time virtual machine resource usage statistics. Statistics are presented in the form of well-readable graphs.
    • Reinstall the operating system.
    • Snapshot - go to snapshot management page.
    • Backup - go to backups management page.
    • Reset the (root) password of the virtual machine's operating system.
    • Configure the reverse DNS record is available.
    • Mount an ISO image is available.




There are times when not all control options are available. For example, when creating or restoring a backup, or when the options are disabled for a specific client. Unavailable options are deactivated but visible. In this case, their color will be darkened and will not be clickable.


Panel view with inactive options

An example of a homepage in case of not available options (disabled options: Charts, Reinstall, Reset passwords, revDNS configuration, ISO mount).



Panel view while backup is in progress