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WHMCS part setup guide

Synology module WHMCS 

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1. Download the latest version of the module.

PHP 8.1

wget http://download.puqcloud.com/WHMCS/servers/PUQ_WHMCS-Synology/PUQ_WHMCS-Synology-latest.zip

PHP 7.4

wget http://download.puqcloud.com/WHMCS/servers/PUQ_WHMCS-Synology/php74/PUQ_WHMCS-Synology-latest.zip


All versions are available via link: http://download.puqcloud.com/WHMCS/servers/PUQ_WHMCS-Synology/

2. Unzip the archive with the module.
unzip PUQ_WHMCS-Synology-latest.zip
3. Copy "puqSynology" to "WHMCS_WEB_DIR/modules/servers/"
4. Create new server Synology NAS in WHMCS (System Settings->Products/Services->Servers)
System Settings->Servers->Add New Server
  • Enter the correct Name and Hostname


  • In the Server Details section, select the "PUQ Synology" module and enter the correct username and password for the Synology NAS web interface.
  • To check, click the "Test connection" button


WARNING: ACCESS HASH field Used to store the access key to the server and is updated automatically.

5. Create a new Products/Services
Add new product to WHMCS
System Settings->Products/Services->Create a New Product

In the Module settings section, select the "PUQ Synology" module


  • License key: A pre-purchased license key for the "PUQ Synology" module. For the module to work correctly, the key must be active
  • Unit: Packet disk space units
  • Disk space size: Disk size in this product
  • Notification disk limit email template: Email template that will be sent when the disk quota is exceeded in %
  • Notification, used disk space X %: Sets a percentage parameter, after exceeding this parameter a notification will be sent to the user
  • Username prefix/Username suffix: Necessary in order to generate a username for the service, in the format: prefix<client_id>-<service_id>suffix
  • Group: The group that will be assigned to the user on the server side of the Synology NAS 
  • Save usage history (days): The number of days it takes to save user disk usage statistics
  • Link to instruction: Link to the instruction, if filled out, it will be reflected in the client area