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Ticket header

Support by Time module WHMCS

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Screenshot with additional options in the ticket header


Ticket open
  • The screenshot shows a standard panel for adding the time of day of an open ticket
  • It is possible to add time without closing the ticket
  • It is also possible to add time and close the ticket



Ticket closed
  • If the flow is closed, then the possibility of editing the time disappears
  • It is possible to reopen the ticket and continue processing the ticket in standard mode




Tickets not this month
  • Tickets that were opened last month will be counted as the last month. And in the current month there will be no possibility to change the time.
  • To add time, you must create a new ticket or split the previous one.



The client does not have a support service.
  • It is possible to add a service to the client when processing a ticket, this can be done by the operator.