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WireGuard VPN module WHMCS

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v1.5 Released 10-07-2024
  1. User Interface Optimization
  2. Changed the appearance of the navigation buttons on the home screen
  3. Optimizing the home screen for mobile devices
  4. Added inputs that contain login, wherever the login is present
  5. Added a copy login button wherever the login is present
  6. Added inputs that hide passwords wherever a password is present
  7. Added a button that allows you to peek the password wherever the password is present
  8. Added a copy password button wherever a password is present
  9. Optimized

v1.4.6 Released 21-06-2024
  1. Added MetricsProvider dimensions
  2. Added dimensions for UsageUpdate
  3. Added a function to turn off the display of the One-Time Link for a package
  4. Display changes in the client area
  5. Optimization

v1.4.5 Released 09-10-2023
  1. Supported WHMCS v8.8.0
  2. Translations added/updated (Arabic, Azerbaijani, Catalan, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Farsi, French, German, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Macedonian, Norwegian, Polish,  Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian)
  3. Added additional error logging to Log when changing package to change localization
  4. Fixed some bugs

v1.4.2 Released 04-09-2023
  1. Error handling when changing package to change localization
  2. Added additional logging to Activity Log

v1.4.1 Released 29-06-2023
  1. Redesigned error handling
  2. Added additional logging to Activity Log

v1.4 Released 16-06-2023
  1. Significantly revised the approach to transferring the QR code image in emails. Now, WHMCS generates a link to the image, and only the link to the image is included in the email itself
  2. Fixed some bugs

v1.3.6 Released 13-06-2023
  1. Fixed a bug that occurred in the client area if the IKEv2 protocol was disabled

v1.3.5 Released 31-05-2023
  1. Added the ability to change localization (updating the package and switching the server at the client's request)
  2. Added the ability to send QR codes and other important information via email when changing localization/package. This functionality is implemented as a custom email about localization/package change
  3. Fixed some bugs

v1.3 Released 19-05-2023
  1. Added a section in the client area that displays usage statistics by traffic
  2. Added necessary translation strings

v1.2.1 Released 12-05-2023

  1. Fixed bug with time offset in the admin area
  2. Added traffic recalculation in a human-friendly form in the admin area
  3. Added the ability to send a QR code and other important information in the Welcome E-mail. Functionality implemented as a custom Welcome E-mail

v1.2 Released 08-01-2023
  1. Fix bugs with languages
  2. Added ability to download profile for IKEv2
  3. Improved design in various themes

v1.1 Released 05-01-2023
  1. Support WHMCS V8.6+
  2. Support IonCube PHP Loader v12 
  3. Support for PHP 8.1
  4. Added support for IKEv2

v1.0 Released 29-10-2022

First version