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WHMCS setup(install/update)

WireGuard VPN module WHMCS

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To install and update a module, you must perform one and the same action.

1. Download the latest version of the module.

PHP 8.1

wget http://download.puqcloud.com/WHMCS/servers/PUQ_WHMCS-WireGuard-VPN/PUQ_WHMCS-WireGuard-VPN-latest.zip

PHP 7.4 

wget http://download.puqcloud.com/WHMCS/servers/PUQ_WHMCS-WireGuard-VPN/php74/PUQ_WHMCS-WireGuard-VPN-latest.zip


All versions are available: https://download.puqcloud.com/WHMCS/servers/PUQ_WHMCS-WireGuard-VPN/

2. Unzip the archive with the module.
unzip PUQ_WHMCS-WireGuard-VPN-latest.zip
3. Copy and Replace "puqWireGuardVPN" from "PUQ_WHMCS-WireGuard-VPN" to "WHMCS_WEB_DIR/modules/servers/"