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v1.9.2 Released 27-06-2023
  1. Optimized
  2. Fix some bugs

v1.9.1 Released 12-05-2023
  1. Optimized
  2. Fixed a bug that prevented the creation of a new user when the prefix is empty

v1.9 Released 25-04-2023
  1. Backup download mechanism is now available (requires additional configuration on the server)
  2. Improved free space update mechanism
  3. Optimized interface, optimized work with AJAX
  4. Improved security
  5. Fix some bugs

v1.8.5 Released 11-04-2023
  1. Revised some strings of translations into other languages, added translations
  2. It is now possible to disable free space updates at the user's request. Note, if you turn off the update of free space at the request of the user, the free space bar will also be disabled, and the update will occur as usual and the data will be available, as usual, in the Resource Usage tab
  3. The interface has been developed, now the module has become even more convenient to use
  4. Fix some bugs

v1.8 Released 04-04-2023
  1. Fix some bugs
  2. The way to deploy a custom package has been recoding
  3. Now when refreshing the home page, the user will see the actual amount of used account space
  4. The appearance of the main page has been redesigned, now the information looks organic, the file manager is available from the main page

v1.7 Released 02-04-2023
  1. Fix some bugs
  2. Added icons and some descriptions
  3. The way to deploy a custom package has been recoding
  4. Now we use simple AJAX requests to speed up page loading

v1.6 Released 07-03-2023
  1. Nameserver is now displayed from the package settings, and not from the global WHMCS settings, as it was before
  2. Added an explicit, full link to the server panel
  3. Added ability to set username prefix
  4. Allowed to disable e-mail distribution, for certain actions
  5. Added a function to force the generation of a username
  6. Added icons and some descriptions
  7. Minor bugs fixed

v1.5.1 Released 08-02-2023
  1. Fix some bugs in one of the deployment options, the user was created redundantly

v1.5 Released 20-01-2023
  1. Added support for mobile

v1.4 Released 11-01-2023
  1. Fix some bugs in the design for various design templates
  2. Spanish language added
  3. Added support for convert to ASCII WHMCS user first and last name when deploying a user to a HestiaCP server
  4. Added support for entering domains in Cyrillic

v1.3 Released 07-01-2023
  1. Added support for CSRF management control on the HestiaCP server
  2. Fix some bugs in the design for various browsers

v1.2 Released 05-01-2023
  1. Support WHMCS V8.6
  2. Support IonCube PHP Loader v12 
  3. Support for PHP 8.1
  4. Fix some bugs in the design for various design templates
  5. Setting the file manager button to open the file manager in a new tab
  6. Add the ability to show the login and password from the panel on the main table in the client area, this is an enabled option

v1.1 Released 08-12-2022
  1. Changes in design in the client area.
  2. Adapted to WHMCS themes Lagom 2, Six, Twenty-One, WHMCS-HostCloud.
  3. Enable or disable PHP version selection for a package. Selecting allowed PHP for a package.
  4. Added the ability to create packages for each of the services separately. For example, DNS only, Email only.

v1.0 Released 29-10-2022

First version