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Basic concepts One-time link

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In order for one-time links to work, you need to have an SSL certificate installed on the PUQVPNCP panel.
Otherwise, the connection will not be encrypted, which means that the transmitted data about the VPN connection is at risk of being intercepted.

It is possible to automatically generate links via API. If you have a panel license, you can use it. There is also a ready-made solution for the WHMCS panel that allows you to automate this process.

Attention, it is strongly recommended not to send one-time links through public messengers or mail systems. Such systems tend to enter this link for analysis, and naturally, after such an action, this link will not work for the end user.

One-time link is fully customizable, you can insert your logo, text, links to instructions, links to VPN clients, etc.

What does a one-time link look like?

SO: https://dev.softkeel.com/otl/6d0ab61682230552427c45ba50f5c925439ac7c6334f6477cdd4a1e745c57425d9b9f8cc4379dda8



To get One-time link, you need to generate it per client manually (if you do not use the automation mechanisms mentioned earlier). Go to VPN Accounts and add/edit an account.