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v1.5 Released 16-01-2023

1. Added configuration backup function


v1.4 Released 07-01-2023

1. API Changes


v1.3 Released 28-12-2022
  1. Added the function of logging traffic of VPN clients
    • remote syslog server
    • remote InfluxDB server
  2. Fixed system firewall rules
  3. Added the ability to change the appearance template for the system per system user. Added light themes


v1.2 Released 14-12-2022
  1. IKEv2 protocol support (strongSwan)
  2. Modified one-time links customization mechanism
    • Added WireGuard section
    • Added IKEv2 section
    • More responsive to mobile version
  3. Added a mechanism for clearing the history of user traffic usage
  4. WireGuard: added parameter Keepalive
  5. DNS server bug fixed (in some situations incorrectly built ACL)
  6. Added online user monitoring function WireGuard and IKEv2
  7. Fixed CSS style of the panel
  8. Added system settings options


v1.1 Released 23-11-2022
  1. API fixes


v1.0 Released 18-11-2022

First version